“I met Michelle several years ago, at a time when I was interested in improving my Legal English skills. I must say that it was a particularly rewarding experience. I admire Michelle not only for her knowledge and academic preparation (an English teacher with a degree in law from the UK), but also for her professionalism and her ability to involve the student in the class.  Even now, when I need to work on a difficult topic in an English-speaking environment, I find my relationship with Michelle comes in very handy.”
Rui Medeiros
Lawyer – Sérvulo & Associados
Professor at the School of Law of the Catholic University of Portugal – Lisbon School

“Academic studies in law and the practice of law are, today, further witnesses to the essential need to be able to communicate in English. As a university lecturer and researcher in legal science, the services provided by Michelle Wells have been of great benefit to me. In her work with me she has demonstrated a thorough knowledge of Legal English, a high degree of pedagogical ability and skill in translation, and a constant willingness to serve the client. These characteristics allow me to trust in LegalEasy to produce top quality work.”
Henrique Antunes
Professor at the Catholic University of Portugal – Lisbon School

“I have needed on several occasions to write texts in English for publication [for example, "Indirect Callings under the Civil Codes of 1867 and 1966”, included within the collection, Civil Law Studies: An Indian Perspective, Newcastle upon Tyne (United Kingdom), Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009] or to guarantee the accurate translation, from Portuguese to English, of legislation and legal doctrine (for example, Family and Succession Law in the Portuguese Civil Code of 1867: A 21st Century Approach, Lisbon, AAFDL/Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Lisboa, 2008), also for publication purposes. At these times, Michelle Wells’ contribution has been fundamental, either via translation or via the revision of translated texts or texts which have been drawn up in English. Indeed, accuracy is essential within the legal field and for this reason a high degree of linguistic aptitude is vital.”
Jorge Duarte Pinheiro
Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon

“In the light of the qualities that Michelle displays – knowledge of the Common Law legal system and scientific and pedagogical aptitude for language teaching and the performance of translation tasks – I would not hesitate in stating that she is certainly one of the best prepared individuals to aid Portuguese jurists in the wide range of professional tasks required of them.”
Maria da Graça Trigo
Professor at the School of Law of the Catholic University of Portugal – Lisbon School